Ottawa’s fastest growing Roundnet (Spikeball®) League!


What is Roundnet!?


Spread the game of Roundnet(aka Spikeball) in Ottawa! We want to grow a community that can casually enjoy the game as well as foster competitive teams that can represent Ottawa internationally. We want to welcome you on our journey to reach these goals and hope you decide to join us on the ride.



Our goal is to grow the league across Ottawa while offering competitive and recreational options.


To help achieve this goal we will:


Offering summer 2019 season for FREE! All you need is a partner!


Offer leagues year round as well as tournaments on a variety of terrains.


Keeping up to date stats on all teams and players.


Create a well rounded community through the league, tournaments and events!


 “If you’re not hitting lobster traps, you’re not playing hard enough.”

Cody Sangster  |  Founder



The year was 1989 Jeff Knurek a 33 year-old, Wyandotte, Michigan born toy inventor was working tirelessly at the I.D.E.A toy invention studio when he came up with the sport ‘Roundnet’. The game gained some popularity and was played in back yards, parks, and beaches for many years but unfortunately faded away by 1995.

Until 2003…..

Our fearless leader Chris Ruder (beauty) was on a trip in Hawaii with family and friends throwing tweeners and spiking lobster traps before they were even a thing, as they were playing they had a lot of people stopping and asking what they were playing. Chris then decided to research and see if he would be able to bring back the popularity roundnet once had so many years ago. He created the company Spikeball Inc., which we now refer to the game as (Eponym, am I right?), the game started to gain some interest again! Dicks Sporting Goods reached out to Spikeball, as they thought it was a fun and exciting sport and would make a great addition to their store, and it did! The interest did not stop there, the sports popularity sky rocketed when it appeared on Shark Tank in 2015, when they got the attention of one of the sharks. Since then the sport has been on DudePerfect, is televised on ESPN and leagues as well as tournaments have been popping up all over the world!

It has finally reached Ottawa, Ontario! Capital City Roundnet is your community hub for all things Roundnet and we plan on making a statement in the worldwide Roundnet community! Join us as we carry on Chris’ dream (now ours as well) to make Roundnet great again (shameless Trump plug)!


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